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Factory Tours: Bud’s Best Cookies – Free cookies, giant ovens, train ride & more

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    Free, hot and fresh out of the oven -Bud's Best Cookies factory -Photo by Christie Dedman
  • buds-best-cookies-tour-christie-dedman
    The cookie cutter in action, during Bud's Best Cookies factory tour. Photo by Christie Dedman
  • buds-best-tour-christie-dedman
    Free vanilla wafer samples while touring Bud's Best Cookies factory -Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Inside Bud's Best Cookies factory -Photo by Christie Dedman

Factory tours can be so exciting for kids, but the Bud’s Best Cookies Tour in Hoover, AL will get adults excited too.  As soon as you get out of your car the sugar cookie...


Factory Tours: Bluebell Creamery overlook + Ice Cream Parlor (floor tours are closed)

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    Photo by Christie Dedman

A few years ago we headed down US 280 to the Blue Bell Creamery in Sylacauga for tour. It was a short intro video and then you can overlook the factory from a large...


Winter Break Savings: Legoland, Chattanooga Zoo, Louisville Slugger & More

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I’m always looking for things to do with my kids. But I hate to spend money.  Which means while I’m looking for interesting things to do and see I’m looking for ways to save...


National Park 2017 News: Free Parks Canada pass, US Senior Pass price increase & free admission dates

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    Battle in the Clouds NPS - Tenn. Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Scotts Bluff NPS Nebraska - Photo by Christie Dedman

National Parks are my family’s go-to destination spots – we plan all of our road trips around them so we can continue our Junior Ranger badge tradition with the kids.  Every year in January I...


Cyber Monday 2016 Family Pass & Travel Deals: Legoland, Gaylord Opryland + more

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Cyber Monday 2016 features a number of deals for family passes, museum memberships and more. I’m more of a “let’s pay for experiences instead of junk” kinda gift giver anyway. Find yourself leaning that...


Visit Noccalula Falls during Alabama’s Fall 2016 drought

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    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • dry-noccalula-falls
    Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • falls-in-2014-christie-dedman
    Falls in 2014 Photo by Christie Dedman

It’s Nov. 26 and Alabama hasn’t had rain in months. Burn restrictions, excessive water use fines, brown leaves and dried streams are markers of the extreme drought the Heart of Dixie is experiencing. Waterfalls,...


11 Tips for visiting Natural Bridge, AL (The longest natural bridge east of the Mississippi River) with kids

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    The Indian head rock formation -- look for the face. Forehead, eyes, nose and crack for a mouth. Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Photo by Christie Dedman
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    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • natural-bridge-arch-split-ckd
    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • natural-bridge-under-the-arch-ckd
    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • nb-rock-formations-ckd
    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • upside-down-tree
    Don't miss the tree growing upside down on the front of the arch. Photo by Christie Dedman

For almost 40 years I’ve roamed up and down Alabama’s highways, back roads, side roads and trails. All this time I have managed to skip stopping at Natural Bridge, AL. The longest natural bridge east...


11 Tips for visiting Amicalola Falls Georgia State Park, with kids

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When the drought plaguing the South ends head over to Amicalola Falls State Park near Dawsonville, Ga.  We recently visited the tallest waterfall in Georgia looking for pretty fall colors, a challenging hike and...


7 Tips for visiting the Negro Southern League Museum with kids

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There’s a sport history gym tucked deep in the inner heart of Birmingham overlooking Regions Field.  The Negro Southern League Museum is packed with history, has an excellent layout and best of all it’s...