One of my favorite things to do with my kids is hit the road and head somewhere, anywhere.  Recently I headed north to Nashville, Tenn. to see the Parthenon.

My kids love the Percy Jackson movies especially the first installment ‘Percy Jackson Lightning Thief’ which featured Nashville’s Parthenon . Our day trip was only a short three hour drive straight up I-65.  The Parthenon is in the heart of Nashville and a short drive from the Adventure Science Center which is worth a visit and it’s a member of the ASTC Passport Program. (That means if you have a McWane Science Center, US Space & Rocket Center, Southern Museum of Flight, etc. membership you can get in free.)

If you plan on taking your kids to see the replica of the Athens, Greece Parthenon here are some tips to consider:

1. The Parthenon entrance is down stairs not at the top where you see the giant doors.  Your kids will like to climb the massive steps but be careful the steps can be slick and there are some high drop offs.

2.  There is a cost involved but you will get to see an art museum along with the giant Athena statue.  Go here to see admission rates.  If you pay with cash you’ll save yourself a card usage fee.

3.  Percy Jackson fans can see some movie props and script in the museum.  After you pay, walk up the ramp and take the first left. You’ll see the props in a case on the right.

4. There are elevators available inside the museum or you can climb the stairs to the Athena statue.

5. Ask your kids to read the sign stations placed around the Athena statue.

6. Photo tip – Everybody steps right in front of the statue and their photographer stands far away to get the person and the statue in the frame.  If you’ll have your kids stand close to you, bend down on your knees and have Athena off centered behind the kids you can get a pretty cool shot.

7.  There are several bonus stops around Athena about Griffins and more.  It’s worth seeing.

8.  Bathrooms are on the main floor where you bought your tickets.  If you need to go make sure you save your receipt, it’s your ticket to get in and out of the museum.

9.  Centennial Park is a beautiful area and on Saturdays they have a food truck rally.  You can take a picnic also.  Parking is free.

10. Souvenirs are expensive in the Parthenon gift shop.  Keep in mind it’s more of a gallery of sorts with beautiful ornaments, statues and more.  For the cheaper budget check out the pencils, pins, pens and postcards.  All of which are $2 or less.  This may vary by the time you get there.

Bonus homeschool tip:

Go here to get a free Parthenon ruins printable coloring sheet.  You can discuss what the original Parthenon was used for or made from on your way to the replica.