February is short but tall on deals.  Wait, February is short but long on deals?  No.  Here it is – February is only 28 days but there are 28 things worth buying?

Ok – I’m at a loss, so let me just get to it and skip the intro.

There are five things worth buying in February and here they are:

1.  Clearance winter clothing – I’m serious this is a great month to snag deals on winter coats, long sleeve shirts and more.  If you haven’t noticed bathing suits at Walmart and Target yet?  It’s ok I ignore them too. But their presence is a sign of impending discounts in February.

2. Tax software – I like to do my taxes online and shop around on the fees.  However if you like to purchase software for tax preparation purposes then February is your month.  Watch Sunday ads and online deals from Amazon and others where bundles are offered with purchase.  Bundles can include gift cards, bonus programs or rebates.

3.  TVs & Digital SLR Cameras – Next to Black Friday, the end of January and first of February is a great time to buy televisions.  The curved TVs are ridiculous.  However you may be able to snag some great deals on LCD and Plasma for less than $300 to $500. DSLR cameras are usually marked down in February as well.  New models hit store shelves in February and March.  You can reap the benefits of clearance and/or open box sales on last year’s models. Follow dealnews.com and slickdeals.net for constant updates on electronics.

4.  Clearance outdoor gear (bicycles, tents, etc) – Scan the outdoor department for clearance bicycles, tents, camping gear, bicycle racks and more.  The items will be last year’s models but they are still great products.  You’ll want to jump on any savings because March will lead to a price increase on all of the above items because of warmer weather, spring break etc.

5.  Canned food itemsFebruary is National Canned Food month.  Not kidding, it’s for real. However this is a great opportunity to snag deals in the store and watch for bonus coupons in the inserts and on www.coupons.com, www.redplum.com, www.smartsource.com.