There’s a sport history gym tucked deep in the inner heart of Birmingham overlooking Regions Field.  The Negro Southern League Museum is packed with history, has an excellent layout and best of all it’s free. Head down there and check out the Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and all of the Birmingham Black Barons memorabilia displays.

Taking the kids? Here are some tips for making it educational and fun at the same time:

  1. Check out the floor map featuring teams across the US. The map is the first thing you see once you enter the museum.
  2. There’s a timeline of significant events in league history. The timeline is on the main wall as you enter the museum.
  3. Don’t miss the baseball bat chandelier above your head.
  4. The intro film in the signed baseball gallery is short and worth watching. It will tell you about the design and mission of the museum.
  5. Walking down the main hall you will see the evolution of the bats and gloves. (Point out how the g
  6. Don’t miss the Satchel Page pitch simulator.  Let the kids stand at the plate and try to air swing at the pitches. They can choose from four options.  Warning: You’ll probably miss.
  7. Check out the actual game used uniform and bat from Jackie Robinson. If you’ve seen the movie 42, you will enjoy this extra information about an excellent player. (Sidenote parts of the film were filmed in Birmingham)


Bonus tips:

At the time of my visit in October, no gift shops, no scavenger hunts or worksheets. However ask if you go, things may change by the time you visit.

Parking is free and right next door to the museum.

Walk around the outside of the building, there are sculptures hanging on the building in different positions.

You can also walk to the back of the building and overlook Regions Baseball Park.


120 16th St S
Birmingham, AL 35233
(205) 581-3040


Hours vary per day. They are closed on Sundays.


Rickwood Field: 

Add this to your day to complete your historical tour of Birmingham’s baseball past.