Children are never too young to learn apologetics. If you agree, even if you don’t, you should consider visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Hidden along a back road near Hebron, KY the Answers in Genesis hub features a wealth of information to prepare your youngsters for a world where evolution is gospel and preached as fact.

My husband and I share a concern over how evolution has infiltrated so many aspects of education.  Flip through a science or history textbook and you’ll see ‘millions of years ago.’ Visit a natural history or science museum and read a plaque by a display.  You’ll see ‘millions of years ago’ or if it’s a dinosaur it will say they were here 63 million years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I want our children to know about evolution but not to explain the origins of man. I want them to know about evolution in addition to having a solid understanding of God literally creating the world in six days.  Understanding God is the author of life is paramount for them to be able to defend their faith, even at ages 9, 7 and 6.

Earlier this year my husband and I decided to take advantage of the kids get in free offer valid through Dec. 31, 2014.  This promotion saved my family a significant chunk of change.

To say there is so much to see, learn and discover is an understatement.  I wasn’t prepared for the vast amount of information presented in every single corner of this complex.  However I quickly adapted.  Pun intended.

Our approach to any center, museum, historical site etc. is to let the kids take turns reading signs.  We also ask for kids scavenger hunts or rewards programs as a way to immerse them in the content.  Creation Museum was no different.

So here are some tips to navigate the complex with children:

1.  Carry a notebook or use the notepad app on your phone — Your kids will inevitably ask questions, questions you may not be able to answer in depth as fellow visitors crowd around displays with you.  Jot down the question and revisit the topic later.  Since your ticket is good for two days, you may even be able to revisit the display and answer the question at the same time.

2. Ask for the scavenger hunt paper in the paleontologist room — This is a quick little activity that will get them excited about the fossil dig area.  No reward is given, but they will learn something.

3.  The lobby is gorgeous — Before you enter the museum check out the dinosaurs in the lobby and the live frogs in the aquariums.

4. Look for green shirts & tan pants — Ask a Creation Museum volunteer or employee to give you an overview of the kid friendly movies, lectures and programs.   Note the times are repeated morning and afternoon, so you can catch several programs.

5. Make plans to catch story time — The children’s story time program is cute and quick.  It’s a nice little break for the kids.  They do pass out dino tokens at the end. Just in case though, don’t mention that to the kids.

6. Concepts — Kids can understand more than you think.  Don’t dumb down things for them.

7. Outdoors — The gardens are gorgeous and fun but the real treat is the petting zoo.  Ask an animal keeper for feeding times.  We were able to feed the camels which was a thrill.  Plus it was free.   Take wipes or soap and watch where you step.

8.  Souvenirs — The bookstores are incredible.  Some of the prices are better than online.  If you’re on a budget there are some things priced below $5.  We bought books and pins for the kids.

9.  Food — There are several cafes.  We liked the large cafe near the entrance.  It was around $35 for all five of us to eat.  If you need to have a picnic at your car you can, there are also some tables on the back deck.


Cheap or free things to do around Petersburg & Hebron, KY + Cincinnati, OH:

1. Big Bone Lick Kentucky State Park – You can see a bison herd and tour a small museum.  This is the site of a Lewis & Clark fossil dig.  They sent fossils back to Thomas Jefferson. Admission is free.

2. True Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic factory outlet – Go here for information and directions.  They have PiperLime and more.

3.  William Howard Taft’s boyhood home — This National Historic Site is free and open daily.  Rangers offer tours throughout the day.  Ask for a Junior Ranger booklet to earn a Junior Ranger badge.

4.  Anderson’s Ferry – This is a quick boat ride across the Ohio River from Kentucky to Ohio. One way fares are cheap.  There are some historical markers around the area as well. It’s just a short drive from the museum.