Instead of buying something you don’t need on Black Friday, how about buying something that will literally change your life forever – fitness.

CrossFit Oneonta is offering a great Black Friday deal for new members:

Buy the month of December and get January for free.  

Nervous? Don’t be – nobody is judging you. Stop by CrossFit Oneonta during one of their classes and see that every class is a mixture of people of all shapes, sizes, ages, skill levels and more.

The point is that CrossFit really is for everybody.  You don’t need to be in-shape to start, just ask my husband.  He’s recovering from a traumatic event in his life yet our coach Adam Vinson, works with him to develop workouts that are doable for his size, weight and health deficits.

CrossFit can be done by anyone who is willing to give it a try. Where you are right now in terms of fitness level is irrelevant, it’s where you want to be that matters most.

What is scaled?

Scaled simply means finding movements you can do and still get a workout

If you can’t jump rope, no worries, the coach will come up with something you can do in its place.

Can’t lift weights? No worries, the coach will teach you how to lift properly so you don’t hurt yourself.

Can’t do a pull-up? No worries, the coach will help you build upper body strength that will leave you feeling confident and stronger than before.

It’s never boring. It’s always fun and when you find yourself able to chase your kids, pick up heavy things around the house or feeling confident when you need to protect your family – you can thank CrossFit not only for changing your health but changing your attitude about life.




635 Underwood Ave, Oneonta, AL 35121