Every year since the kids were old enough to enjoy seeing light displays I’ve always thought about taking them to Christmas on the River in Demopolis. Every year that I think about it, it’s always too late and we’ve missed it.  This year I actually remembered it and we made the 2 hour drive down to check out the lights and festivities.

The event itself was kinda lackluster. We found the perfect spot by the Demopolis Civic Center to watch the floating displays. While stadium seats are available we brought camp chairs and blankets which turned out to be a wise decision.

Demopolis is a small town in south west Alabama. If you’re close during this event next year, you might check it out however it clearly had its ups and downs – the river floats were boring and too far apart. The fireworks over the river were beautiful and redeemed the night.

On the way down we stopped at Pie Lab in Greenboro. It is good, go early in the day. If you love Chess pies you won’t be disappointed. My only frustration was the price – we overspent.  We should have split a couple of pieces of pie, instead of buying one each. They also threw away our food while we were selecting our pie. (You walk back up to the counter) This really pissed me off, considering the amount of money we spent.

If you’re near the eatery stop by. There’s nothing else really that great in Greensboro. Although, do check out the water tower if you’re into quirky roadside monuments.