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Stocking up on Christmas decor, wrapping paper, favors and more for next year is best done during clearance events.  This week shoppers will want to swing by their favorite retailer and look for discounts of up to 90 percent off original price.

Here’s a list of stores and their current discount percentages for the week of Jan. 5 through Jan. 10:

(Remember discount percentages may vary by location, it’s best to call your store before visiting)

Big Lots – Decorations and wrapping paper 50% off.  Big Lots is the last to discount they will hit 90% off close the end of January.

CVS – Gift sets, decorations, wrapping paper and more 75% off.  Candy may be included at select locations.

Dollar General – Candy 25% off, decor discounts range from 25% to 50% off.  Prices and discounts may change Tuesday morning which is mark down day for DG.

Hobby Lobby – 90% off all crafts, ornaments and decor.

Kmart – 50 to 60% off decorations and wrapping paper. Discounts vary by locations especially with Kmart.

Michael’s – 80% off decorations, crafts and more. Some coupons are available at their site.

Pier 1 – 75% off decorations.

Target – 90% off decorations, crafts and wrapping (this could mean 10 cent items in the Dollar Spot area)  Also check toys for up to 50% off, varies by state.

Walgreens – 90% off decorations, food, wrapping and gift sets.  (Walgreens usually has a number of Disney related items)

Walmart – 75% off decorations, food, gift sets and wrapping.  Some Christmas clothing items are still 50% off.

Did I miss a store that you want to hit?  Let me know and I’ll track down the details.