Did you know LEGO bricks are edible? They are if they’re made of Sara Lee pound cake, Reese’s Cups and icing.

Gotcha didn’t I?

Every birthday at my house (that involves a kid) for the past two years or so has been a LEGO brick cake.  It has become my speciality and the kids’ favorite birthday cake.  We celebrated a birthday this weekend and feasted on an orange LEGO cake. Previous colors include blue, green, red and yellow.

It takes me about 20 minutes to do and even less time to eat. No I don’t eat it by myself.

What you’ll need:

1 Sara Lee frozen pound cake (price varies but my Walmart had it for $4.98)

1 12 pack of Reese’s Cups

1 container of icing in your favorite color


Place the pound cake on a platter upside down to cover it with icing.  (Make sure it’s as smooth as possible.)

Place the Reese’s Cups upside down on the cake in rows of two so you can cover them with icing.



Last year I made my daughter of LEGO mini-figure head shirt.

Here are the directions:

Cost $3.47 for the true LEGO yellow shirt from Walmart.
Fabric paint 50 cents.

Find the center of the shirt by folding it in half and marking with a straight pin

Figure out what expression you want to make.  I did the winking eye, so it wouldn’t look like a Smiley Face trademarked shirt.

I did freehand the LEGO logo at the bottom corner using white fabric paint outlined with red and black puff paint.

Photo by Christie Dedman

Photo by Christie Dedman