One of the first factory tours we hit when the kids were younger was the Golden Flake factory tour in the industrial area of downtown Birmingham.  I was new to touring factories with kids and wasn’t sure what to expect.  However all my uncertainty about how the process would go vanished as we met our veteran tour guide.

She walked us through the hairnet application process and gave us a heads up about what we would see and be able to do.

What to expect: 

You’ll need to wear clothes toed shoes. Shirts with sleeves.  Hairnets – which are provided.  You’ll also need to make sure you get there on time. You’ll need to register with the security guard at the gate, check in with the tour guide area and head to the video viewing area. Also – guys with facial hair will be required to wear a beard net.

Samples: During the tour you’ll see various chip products being made. Each day there’s a different product being made. Usually you’ll get to taste chips straight out of the fryer or oven.

Pictures: No pictures allowed in the tour area. However there are some outside staging areas you can snap pics.

Cost: Admission is free but reservations are required.

Time: Tours can last up to 45 minutes and there is a lot of walking.

Age requirements: Children must be at least 5 years old.

Educational value: The whole tour kept the children engaged.  Listening to the tour guid can be difficult at times due to noise levels.  The information was easy to understand and memorable for the kids. Be sure to take note yourself and ask your children questions afterwards.

Reservations: You must have a reservation and they can be hard to get, so plan accordingly.

Go here for information on securing a spot.

Address & Contact:

 1 Golden Flake Dr, Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 323-6161