Did you know Publix will do educational store tours? They do and it’s an incredible tour for all ages. Actually I would say for ages 8 and up.  We recently got a behind-the-scenes tour that was free, top-notch and packed with information.

First things first:

You will need to call your area Publix to get information on setting up a tour time.  This will vary by location.

What to expect:

Of course keep in mind each store experience will be different.  We met the manager at customer service, then met our tour guide. She led us to each department where an associate or department manager talked about what they do, offer and standards they must follow.

Each department had a goodie bag or free sample of something for the kids to enjoy.  Cookies, chicken finger, apples, cheese, crackers and more.

While the samples are great – the coolest, and to me the most valuable, was the wealth of information.  The children learned about cooking, which countries supply produce, how to become a manager, manage inventory and more.

Special perks:

Standing inside the large cooler behind the milk display and seeing how meat slicers and packaging machines work were the highlights of the tour for my children.  The sub-zero walk-in freezer, the outdoor receiving area were a close second.

Don’t forget that each store will be different and may have different requirements.





Varies by location



No special clothing requirements were mentioned. Hairnets were provided for the meat area.


Educational value and overall experience



Here’s a breakdown of how I rate a location in terms of educational value:

★ – Very little educational value. No signage, museums, plaques, explanation of visual interests.

★★ – Some information is provided or readily available online.  It could also mean the item or location has a deep history worth researching however information is not provided at the scene.

★★★ – The location or attraction offers educational talking points, signs, displays but is low on quantity of information provided.

★★★★ – Great quality of information, worth stopping by and offers informative and educational experiences throughout the facility.

★★★★★ – A must see attraction or experience with an abundance of resources, educational scavenger hunts, worksheets or books.  Plaques, displays are interactive and thorough.