Even if the only guitar you can play is an air guitar, you should stop by and see how real guitars are made at the Gibson Factory Tour in Memphis, Tenn.

The tour guide will pass out the required safety glasses then escort you through the factory where you’ll see every step of the guitar making process. By every step I mean cutting, sanding, bending, framing, stringing, painting, pin striping,  tuning and more. It is one of the most fascinating tours we’ve taken as a family.

What to expect: 

The tour guide uses microphones at each station. While it is helpful in some cases, there are many cases that the factory is loud and you can’t understand what the guide is saying.  If you have young children, make sure they’re up front to hear the speaker which will help them stay focused.

My three were fascinated with the whole tour. No complaints about being bored or taking too long.  They did complain about not being able to hear certain parts of the tour and that was frustrating.


You must reserve a timeslot.

You must wear safety glasses, which are provided. You will return these at the end.

No pictures are allowed.


It will last almost an hour so take bathroom breaks before the tour starts.

Educational aspects: 

When we were there they didn’t have any worksheets or homeschool type material available.  But it’s always a good idea to ask.


$10 per person (including kids) + $5 for parking

Kids must be at least 5 years old.


Go here for reservation information.

Address & contact:

Gibson Retail Shop and Factory Tours
145 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
901.544.7998. ext. 4075