Although it’s not a real chocolate factory tour, the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory in Hershey, PA, is a fun way to experience a glance into the mass chocolate manufacturer’s methods.  While it’s partially educational, it’s more entertaining and cutesy.  Which was kinda disappointing for me, however the kids really loved it.

Visually speaking it’s very entertaining. You’re on a moving cart that whisks you through tunnels and around animatronic displays.

What to expect: 

The factory is on the same campus as Hershey Park. You can enter the factory building off to the side, without entering or paying park admissions.

The smell is intoxicating. I think they pump chocolate scents through the vents.  (Don’t quote me on that) There are some extra attractions inside the building that cost money. We skipped those.  The tour is free and includes samples at the end.  No limit on how many times you want to ride.  We did it twice because the line was short.


The tour ends at the bakery, of course. We had to partake.  It was too hard to resist.  The gift shop area is full of unique Hershey Kiss flavors you don’t see in the store. There’s a penny machine too.  Also be on the lookout for mascots.

Pictures: Photos are permitted.

Cost: Free

Tour: Lasts about 30 minutes – maybe less.

Bonus tip: There is a commemorative picture snapped at the end of the ride.  Look straight at the camera for the best results.  Once you get out of the tour there’s a booth to purchase.  I bought the keychain because at the time it was the cheapest.