The Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Factory tour is perhaps one of the top five tours we’ve experienced as a family.  Not only were we treated to phenomenal samples of dark chocolate, we were treated to a wealth of information about the bean to bar process – housed in a unique brick building in the heart of Nashville.

Only 5 miles or so from the Titan stadium and Adventure Science Center – the Olive & Sinclair Chocolate store/factory is filled with incredible variations of the cocoa bean.

You will see bags of cocoa beans from Madagascar and South America. The shelling and roasting machines are an incredible site. As are the Italian chocolate press machines.  Our tour guide was engaging, entertaining and informative. She was also patient with the children and their questions.

Of special note, Olive & Sinclair produce the only white chocolate chef Alton Brown said he would ever eat. If you want to see why make sure you ask for a sample.

What to expect:

You’ll be asked to wear a hairnet, which is provided. The tour guide doesn’t use a microphone. There’s really no need. The setting is small and perfect for learning about the process.  They may let you taste the nibs which are bitter and not sweet.  Be prepared, the kids may not like them.

Samples are given at the end.


$5 per person – the ticket you’ll receive is vintage and a keepsake.


The tour will last around 30 minutes.

Tours are only given on Saturdays and tickets must be purchased in advance. However they do have walk-up options, but I would call first.

Educational aspects:

The tour includes geography, math, cooking and chemistry.  All of these aspects are included in the chocolate making process.


Go here for reservation information.

Chocolate shop: 

The bars are more expensive than your average Hershey’s bar.  But once you go through the tour, you’ll understand why.  I purchased two bars and stretched them out for a family of five over several days.  We rationed the decadent treats.

Address & contact:


(615) 262-3007