Will you have a fourth-grade student during the 2015-2016 school year?  If so then make sure you take note of the announcement President Obama made today – all fourth-graders will receive a free National Park pass valid for their entire family for one year.

Hold your horses, it won’t be available until the fall. This is an $80 value, basically the America the Beautiful pass.  Go here to read why they selected that age group, which is ridiculous in my opinion. It should be open to any age group, but whatever.

The Every Kid in a Park program wants donations too, you know to fund the program. The pass should be available for online ‘purchases’ later this year. No mention of homeschooling families but I’m 100 percent sure there will be allowances for them to snag one as well.


Children ages 16 and under get into National Parks, monuments, historic sites and refuges on any given day. We have the American the Beautiful pass and it more than pays for itself, if you’re a road tripper.