Every year Whole Foods Market has a great deal on roses and this year is no different.  Once again you can get 2 dozen roses for $22 ($25 in some places).  That’s an excellent price.  Winn Dixie, Publix and other places charge $19.99.

Whole Foods will gift wrap them for you as well.

Can’t make it to Whole Foods?  No problem.  Ad match.  Go here to see the advertising on their Facebook page or here for their website. Target and Walmart both will ad match Whole Foods.

(Keep in mind some Whole Foods locations may not be offering this deal. Call before you go.)


Arranging tips:
Most arrangements follow a triangle pattern. Tallest in the center and working your way out from the top down on each side. When you cut your flowers, do so under cool running water. Hold your arrangement in front of a mirror to get a different perspective on it’s balance.

Filler tips:

Look to your yard first. Boxwood, ferns, some ornamental hollies, Birmingham Fraser Photinia also known as Red Tip Photinia, Gold Dust Japanese Aucuba These will work to form your base. If you do not have access to those filler options, you can get Leather leaf, a fern cheap. You’ll need to criss cross the stems in the vase forming a grid which will work to hold your flowers in place.

Sentimental tip:

Don’t overlook the value of giving your daughter or the young females in your life (nieces, goddaughters etc.) flowers.  With peer pressure so heavy these days on children to have ‘boyfriends’ and ‘girlfriends’ it’s a good idea to remind them who truly loves them and that flowers don’t have to come from a temporary ‘friend.’