Hiking is always therapeutic for our family. It never fails being on the trails always makes us forget about stresses, focus on exploring God’s creation and enjoying funny things we see or think of along the way to the destination. Recently we took our family bonding time out in the frigid 30 degree weather in Gadsden, AL in search of ice and lots of it.  Hiking down to the base of Noccalula Falls and walking behind the cascade was an epic reward to the slightly strenuous route we took.

Instead of using the easily navigated side, which charges admission, we took a short cut on the non-paying side. It wasn’t easy for my youngest. I had to coax him down the cracks and faces of the rocks and boulders lining the cliffs beside the falls.

Once we worked our way down the side of the mountain we were rewarded with beautiful views, rushing water and lots of glorious ice creations.

If the weather continues to stay below freezing chase those waterfalls – because when God pauses His water creations, He does it in style.

Noccalula Falls:


My GoPro video from beneath the falls