Irondale Furnace Ruins Trail is an easy hike through the woods, by a creek and into the Civil War history of Birmingham. This blast furnace was built under a contract with the CSA to provide pig iron to the Selma arsenal. It was destroyed by Iowa Union volunteers then rebuilt in 1866. It’s easy to access off Grants Mill Road & Old Leeds Road. The trail is free, pet friendly, kid friendly, however the parking area is small & the trail is absent of bathrooms.

We had  great time walking out along the creek for about 1.5 miles or more. Although it was cold that day the path was so easy and interesting the kids were fine with pressing ahead through the woods.

My secret method of making the kids hit the trails is to invite them to look for lizards or salamanders along the way. Without disturbing the trail, I allow the kids to look around rocks, downed limbs or under brush in certain areas.  The simple task gives them something as a bit of a distraction to keep pressing forward.

This trail is great for trail runners. Some slight elevation in certain areas on a dirt path that is well maintained.

For directions and more information go here.