It’s amazing to watch people scramble in the stores the night before or the day of Valentine’s, racing to pick out a card, pick up flowers, snag chocolates or stuffed bears for their loved ones.

My husband and I do not do that for each other or for our kids.  We just skip it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging you if you do participate.  In fact, I’m all for you offering me a sample of your box of chocolates.  Just one will be fine.

But how do you know what’s in each chocolate?  You need to know these things, nobody wants a gross fruit flavored cream chocolate, right?

So here are some tips from Russell Stover: 

Caramels are usually square.
Chocolates with soft centers, such as truffles and whips, are round.
Rectangular candies are typically filled with nougat.
Oval candies most often contain butter fudge.
Nut Clusters are usually round and have a chunky surface.


Non-romantic Romantics

Just because my husband and I aren’t a mushy couple, doesn’t mean we are total love grinches.  Our song is ‘True Love Ways’ by Buddy Holly.
If you don’t have one, feel free to use this one.  It’s a timeless classic.