Yesterday Facebook added a bonus feature for users to add a ‘legacy contact’ in their settings.  The function allows you to select a trusted family member of friend to take over your Facebook account should you become incapacitated or die.
Grim function but one that I think is long overdue. There are some limitations to the function.  The contact will not be able to see messages or remove posts.  They can make new posts, change profile and cover photos, change page into a memorial and respond to friend requests.

There is also a function allowing the contact to download your Facebook account, including statuses, life events, photos and videos.

Here’s how to get it done from a desktop, or full site view on mobile device: 

1. Click on the drop down menu on the top right of the page and click on ‘settings’

2. On the new page click on security

3. Look at the bottom of the options and you’ll see the LEGACY option.

4. Click edit

5. You’ll be asked to pick a friend on Facebook you trust.

6.  You’ll see the option to send them a message to notify them of the selection.  This is the note:
Hi _____, Facebook now lets people choose a legacy contact to manage their account if something happens to them: Since you know me well and I trust you, I chose you. Please let me know if you want to talk about this.

7. You can click the options of allowing them to download your account or delete the account.

Why this is a good thing in my opinion:

Earlier in this post I mentioned that I think it’s long overdue, well here’s why.  Accidents, deaths, sickness and more happen everyday.  You never know when your last day is on this Earth.  While Facebook accounts aren’t a priority, they eventually become one, when a loved one is gone.

If you don’t know the passwords for your teens, spouse or parents accounts, ask them to leave you info or make you their Legacy Contact.  It’s a grim topic, like I said, but with passwords changing all the time and life’s unexpected curveballs, this simple step could save you some future heartache.

What do you think? Do you think it’s awkward or smart?