You know how super heroes have an unassuming disguise when they blend in with their surroundings or Average Joes? The exterior isn’t anything special but remove the disguise and there’s a dynamic hero.

Well that would be the way to describe Supper Heroes in Huntsville. This super hero themed restaurant is in a building most people wouldn’t give a second look. It blends in, disappears among the office buildings along Winchester Road in north Huntsville.

But don’t overlook it, especially if you have super hero loving kids in your family.

My husband and I took the kids this weekend and they were mesmerized by the old comics, the play room, the murals, the menus and the movies.

Framed vintage comics cover the wall in the dining area. There are booths and tables in a small dining area but there’s a nice play room/waiting area inside if there’s a line.

Look for Spider-Man in the kitchen, painted on the wall. The light fixtures feature hero logos.

Three flat screens play movies like Star Wars, Iron Man and more.

The wait staff was friendly and prompt, however I got the feeling my server was new. There were a couple of mistakes made with our order but nothing major.

Review high points:

Bathroom – Clean but small.

Menu – Looks like a comic book and full of special creations with cool names. Also there are free offers on special days, like Monday is free soup day.

Prices – Burgers were $7.95 and come with fries and slaw. Sandwiches were $7 to $8 and came with two sides.

Appetizers – We skipped this but they did look tasty.

Kids’ meal – The burgers were big for a kids meal. It came with fries and a Debbie Snack cake of their choice.

Play room – There were Batman and Joker toys in the waiting room. I let the kids sit on the floor to play with the items after they finished their dinner.

Food – The food was really delicious. I ordered a bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato sandwich on sour dough. It was great. The slaw has cajun seasonings and is tasty, however I can see where some may not be prepared for the heat, which is subtle. My husband enjoyed a large bacon cheese burger. The patties were cooked perfectly and juicy. The fries however needed to be cooked longer for our taste, the kids and my husband prefer crunchy fries.

Reward program – Ask for a punch card before you leave and get it punched. They punch it for every burger you order and often have double punch days. Once you hit 10 you get a free sandwich.

1812 Winchester Rd NE

Huntsville, Alabama 35811

Today 10:30am – 8:30pm

Phone (256) 929-1977

DISCLAIMER – I did not receive any payment or free food in exchange for this review or post.