Have you been to Mammoth Cave National Park? We did a return visit last week and explored some new areas. About 7 years ago we toured the Niagara Falls cave entrance.  On this visit we hit the Historic Entrance which is the park’s most famous and most photographed entrance.

On our last visit we did the Junior Ranger book, but the kids were little so we did it again. They enjoyed it and exploring the visitor center’s museum.

Don’t miss the Junior Ranger stamp in the gift shop near the Passport station.

The Historic Entrance is a short walk down a hill behind the center. Keep in mind, what goes down, must come back up.

You can walk about 100 feet into the entrance without taking the tour if you’re short on time or cash.

All of the cave tours throughout the park vary in price.

You also need to secure reservations. During the summer months tours sell out fast, so plan early.