I can’t think of one reason to leave your house on Black Friday  – (excluding some of the shop local deals you’ll want to hit) you could skip big box stores and just shop online.

Seriously all retailers are offering the same or better online.

Don’t forget shopping online can actually pay you back.  As you hit the web this holiday season and add things to your cart make sure you’re shopping through Ebates.com.

My most recent check from them was $62.09.  That’s pretty good. Over the course of my time with them I’ve earned $670.

How it works

Create a free ebates.com account – no bank account or credit card info required. You will need to provide a valid address so they can mail your check each quarter.

Search their site for the retailer you plan on shopping — say, Walmart.

Click on their ‘precent back banner for Walmart’ (right now it’s 4%)

It will direct you straight to the Walmart site, then shop as normal.

Ebates has no record of your bank or credit card info.

They add the percentage advertised – the 4% for Walmart- to your account based on what you purchase.

Again, Ebates does not store your bank or credit card info, in fact they do not see it at all.

They send you a check at the end of each quarter.

Get started here.

In-store credit

Ebates also added an in-store cash back option as well, however a credit card number on file is required.

Go here to see how that works.