Paleo sweet potato & bacon roast recipe

To say I could eat this whole thing by myself is an understatement.  Sweet potatoes and bacon were made for each other. This is a sweet potato roast that is smothered and covered in...


Where to go in Central Alabama: Factory tours, museums, hiking & more

  • alabama museum of natural history
    Alabama Museum of Natural History
  • alabama wildlife center
    Alabama Wildlife Center Oak Mountain
  • bham christie dedman
    Birmingham skyline from Vulcan Photo by Christie Dedman
  • christie dedman iron works
    Tannehill's Iron & Steel museum
  • christie dedman peanut depot
    The kids visiting the Peanut Depot Photo by Christie Dedman
  • christie dedman ruffner mountain
    Ruffner Mountain Nature Center - my daughter checking out the turtles Photo by Christie Dedman
  • comer museum christie dedman
    Comer museum & Blue Bell factory tour Photo by Christie Dedman
  • mt cheaha christie dedman
    Mt. Cheaha Bald Rock observation deck Photo by Christie Dedman
  • red mountain kids christie dedman
    Red Mountain Park treehouse hike Photo by Christie Dedman
  • Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.02.44 PM
    Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Photo by Christie Dedman
  • sloss furnace
    Special to
  • train ride christie dedman
    Riding the Heart of Dixie trains. Photo by Christie Dedman
  • cd-educational-spots
    My three kids checking out the pork skin manufacturing area at Golden Flake. Photo by Christie Dedman

Here is the second installment of what to do in Alabama.  Remember the other day I posted the first installment called: Where to go in North Alabama: U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Sci-Quest, Monte...


Easy fried cauliflower ‘rice’ with shrimp

  • cauliflower rice avocado and shrimp
    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • fried cauliflower rice
    Photo by Christie Dedman

I’ve made several cauliflower inspired dishes recently.  Since I’m the only one at the house that eats the stuff I make my $1.99 Aldi purchase last for several meals. Recently a friend at my...