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Food scale for $10.95, save $16 off Walmart’s price

Counting your macros? Want to start but need a food scale? This is a great deal.

Do you need a food scale?  If your new eating plan requires measurements OR you want to use this for projects with the kids – this food scale deal is excellent. I ordered this...


Welcome Fox 6 Good Day Alabama viewers

Thanks for following me over to my new website www.christiededman.com. Here are the deals I mentioned this morning on Fox 6 Good Day Alabama: 1. Wendy’s have launched a Frosty Treats key tag deal for...


Discount round-up on Christmas decorations

Stocking up on Christmas decor, wrapping paper, favors and more for next year is best done during clearance events.  This week shoppers will want to swing by their favorite retailer and look for discounts...