If you’re tired of donating all your clothing and you don’t have access to a consignment store, don’t want to deal with eBay or a yard sale, you’ve got to check out ThredUp.com.

It’s super easy.  Go here to create a free account. Request a bag be shipped to you.  The price of the bag is $5.99 but they’ll deduct that from your total once they buy your clothing.

Fill up the back with gently used, almost new name brand clothing from your closet (includes shoes and accessories). Ship it back, it’s free.  Then wait. You’ll receive notifications as they receive, process and input your items.

I selected to have any items they didn’t want to resell, donated.  If you don’t you’ll have to pay return shipping.

About half of my items were accepted on consignment and sold.  I turned a decent profit, but just saved it and used it towards getting a few things I needed.

Go here to check it out.