A few years back we headed up to Bridgeport, AL with the kids to take a gander at Russell Cave National Monument. The National Park Service site had a reptile program scheduled so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make the 2 hour journey north from Birmingham.

Before you go here are some tips to check out:
1.  The path to the cave is a short easy walk but it can be slippery as you enter the overhang area.
2. You can’t go inside the cave (unless you apply for a caving permit). But it’s still a cool site to see and there are markers along the path with educational information.
3.  Ask for the Junior Ranger booklets at the visitor center.  They are free.  Most of the activities can be done in the center. A few require reading signs on the trail.
4.  Check the Russell Cave Facebook page for special events and demonstrations that are free and open to the public.
5.  There are picnic areas and lots of shade if you head there on warm days.
6.  They have Passport stamps for Trail of Tears, Russell Cave & Little River Canyon. Free.
7.  Admission is free but they do accept donations.
8.  Take water and snacks for alternate trail hiking.
9.  Bathrooms were really clean.
10.  There’s short movie 7 minutes long in the visitor center worth watching.  It moves quickly.  My kids watched it without complaining or fidgeting.
Check out Mud Creek Fish Camp restaurant. It’s on the water and the food was reasonably priced.  It’s been a few years since I’ve eaten there so check reviews. 
Biblical perspective:
This site like all NPS sites features an evolutionists point of view.  I’ve mentioned before that we are creationists and don’t believe in the millions of years theories.  If you’re like us – keep in mind that this topic arises in the museum, film, signage and ranger booklets.

Bridgeport, AL 35740
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