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Where to go in Central Alabama: Factory tours, museums, hiking & more

  • alabama museum of natural history
    Alabama Museum of Natural History
  • alabama wildlife center
    Alabama Wildlife Center Oak Mountain
  • bham christie dedman
    Birmingham skyline from Vulcan Photo by Christie Dedman
  • christie dedman iron works
    Tannehill's Iron & Steel museum
  • christie dedman peanut depot
    The kids visiting the Peanut Depot Photo by Christie Dedman
  • christie dedman ruffner mountain
    Ruffner Mountain Nature Center - my daughter checking out the turtles Photo by Christie Dedman
  • comer museum christie dedman
    Comer museum & Blue Bell factory tour Photo by Christie Dedman
  • mt cheaha christie dedman
    Mt. Cheaha Bald Rock observation deck Photo by Christie Dedman
  • red mountain kids christie dedman
    Red Mountain Park treehouse hike Photo by Christie Dedman
  • Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.02.44 PM
    Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Photo by Christie Dedman
  • sloss furnace
    Special to christiededman.com
  • train ride christie dedman
    Riding the Heart of Dixie trains. Photo by Christie Dedman
  • cd-educational-spots
    My three kids checking out the pork skin manufacturing area at Golden Flake. Photo by Christie Dedman

Here is the second installment of what to do in Alabama.  Remember the other day I posted the first installment called: Where to go in North Alabama: U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Sci-Quest, Monte...


Easy fried cauliflower ‘rice’ with shrimp

  • cauliflower rice avocado and shrimp
    Photo by Christie Dedman
  • fried cauliflower rice
    Photo by Christie Dedman

I’ve made several cauliflower inspired dishes recently.  Since I’m the only one at the house that eats the stuff I make my $1.99 Aldi purchase last for several meals. Recently a friend at my...


Educational and Inspirational Freebie round-up from Answers in Genesis, Gospel for Asia, ChristianBooks, National Parks & more

  • Free Answers in Genesis books
  • free christian ebooks 79
  • Free christian valentines
  • free cultivating conversations
  • Free Gospel for Asia
  • Free MP3 Chuck Swindoll
  • Free NPS presidents day
  • free space notes

If you’re looking for free resources to enrich your family’s life either in the educational or spiritual realms, then check out this list of options: INSPIRATIONAL FREEBIES: Gospel For Asia Free book (mailed)  No...


Amazon deals: Mr. Peabody & Sherman 91-episode collection & Minecraft LEGO crafter kit

  • minecraft lego dedman
  • peabody sherman dvd dedman

This is a great deal on The Complete Mr. Peabody & Sherman Collection on DVD.  There are 91 episodes featured on this 2-disc set. Get it for $12.99 plus shipping.  It is eligible for Amazon Prime...


Alabama Jaunts: Feb. 7-8 Crafts, Canoe races, Dinosaurs, Living History & more

  • dinosaurs alive dedman
  • fort toulouse dedman
  • home depot kids free heart box
  • locust fork canoe race dedman
  • world of wheels dedman

This week flew by super fast.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve got self imposed projects around the house I want to do or if this is a sign of getting older that...


Where to go in North Alabama: U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Sci-Quest, Monte Sano, Jesse Owens, Oakville Indian Mounds & more

  • christie dedman rickwood caverns
    My three check out the water inside Rickwood Caverns looking for blind fish. (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • covered bridges blount christie dedman
    Horton Mill Bridge in Oneonta. It's fun to drive across with the kids. (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • helen kellers home christie dedman
    Ivy Green in Tuscumbia - birthplace of Helen Keller (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • Imagination place dedman
    Imagination Place in Gadsden (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • jesse owens museum christie dedman
    Inside Jesse Owens Memorial Museum (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • little river canyon dedman 2
    Little River Canyon falls (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • little river canyon dedman
    Hiking at Little River Canyon and bird watching (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • long jump jesse owens
    Long jump area at Jesse Owens Memorial Museum (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • noccalula falls dedman
    Noccalula Falls & statue Gadsden, AL (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • oakville arrowheads
    Arrowhead display at Oakville Indian Mound museum free admission (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • oakville indian mounds christie dedman
    Climbing a mound at Oakville. (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • rickwood caverns christie dedman
    Inside Rickwood Caverns (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • stoney lonesome
    Stoney Lonesome OHV park in Cullman. (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • US Space & rocket center christie dedman
    Space and Rocket Center Huntsville (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • Wheeler refuge dedman
    Wheeler National Refuge (Photo by Christie Dedman)
  • russell cave christie dedman
    Looking out from inside Russell Cave National Monument (Photo by Christie Dedman)

North Alabama has a wealth of places to go if you are new to the area or you have lived here all of your life.  I will define North Alabama by anything north of Jefferson...


Alabama Jaunts: Jan. 31 – Salamander Festival, Hummingbirds, Bird Feeder Craft & more

  • christie dedman salamander festival
    Salamander Festival is Saturday. If you have an animal loving child then head over to Homewood Senior Center.
  • ruffner mountain christie dedman
    Head over to Ruffner Mountain and let the kids learn about birds and build a bird feeder.
  • salamander festival christie dedman
    My daughter holding one of the many salamanders. My kids love the Salamander Festival. Kids can hold salamanders, turtles and more. Saturday Jan. 31 Time: 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • von braun planetarium movie
    Monte Sano Von Braun Astro Society Planetarium Show

Do you work for the weekends?  As in you can’t wait to spend time with the kids and enjoy some free or cheap entertainment – well you’re in luck.  Here are some events to...


Super cheap & easy Valentine, 2 cents each (available for a limited time)

  • cheap valentine 2015 christie dedman 1
    This candy resembles a rock but it's actually black foil wrapped chocolate crisp candy.
  • cheap valentine 2015 christie dedman 2
    One strip of paper with a simple message is all you need.
  • cheap valentine 2015 christie dedman
    Get 11 to 12 pieces of candy at Dollar General for 25 cents this week.

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day.  I might write a blog post one day about that but for today, I’m going to share a quick and easy Valentine greeting you can make with your...


Christie’s Easy Paleo Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Zucchini & Sausage Hash with Muffuletta

  • cauliflower paleo hash christie dedman
    What your finely chopped or grated veggies will look like in the skillet for the Paleo hash. Photo by Christie Dedman
  • paleo hash muffuletta christie dedman
    Muffuletta olive salad mix is strong, so a little bit goes a long way. This brand was carried at Winn Dixie however, now we've only been able to find it on Amazon. Photo by Christie Dedman
  • paleo sausage & potato hash christie dedman
    Paleo Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Zucchini & Sausage Hash by Christie Dedman

In my Paleo Acorn Squash Soup recipe I mentioned fellow clean eating & Paleo minded friends can be better sources for easy recipes rather than the labor and multi-ingredient recipes found online. Well, here’s another example...


3 things a LEGO event can teach parents of LEGO fans

  • castle lego brickfair 2
  • castle lego brickfair
  • lego brickfair wheel
  • 3 things a LEGO event can teach parents of LEGO lovers

This afternoon my sister and I took our kids to the annual LEGO BrickFair event held at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.  This festival for LEGO lovers is held in four states, Alabama, New...