Well I just announced that I will no longer be Birmingham Bargain Mom on al.com.  If you’re new to christiededman.com then you’re probably wondering what in the world can I expect to find.

I hope to provide a little bit of it all. By ‘all’ I mean more of who I am and my interests.

Faith – A look at faith topics from theology, parenting to every day living.  Something I couldn’t talk about sufficiently on al.com.

Family – Don’t worry it won’t be a blast of updates featuring my kids. In fact I prefer to keep their faces off the internet as long as I can.  This will include family issues, topics etc.

Finance – This category will feature money saving deals, tips and information.

Fitness – I’m a CrossFit fanatic but I won’t beat you down with CrossFit jargon.  This will focus on how I’ve changed my lifestyle to live healthier.

Travel – This is my passion.  I hope to share details of our road trips, ways to save on the road, travel ideas and more.

Photography – A simple gallery of my non-professional snapshots that I think look professional but I know aren’t.  It’s my way of patting myself on the back.

Thanks for dropping by – Christie