You may have heard about Target’s recent shipping discount announcement.  They dropped the free shipping threshold from $50 to $25.  While yes, that’s a 50 percent savings it’s really not that big of a deal.

Here’s why – well according to me – If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’re used to getting your online orders within two business days and in some markets (limited) same day. The three to five days Target boasts equates to an eternity in Amazon Prime days.  Because let’s face it, 3 to 5 equals 4 or 5 in most cases.

Also free site to store pick-up negates extended shipping which is available at many retailers.

It’s promising that Target did drop the fee, but it’s not as exciting as the interwebs (deal bloggers) are making it out to be. Target still reserves the right to impose higher shipping fees on oversized objects, plus it doesn’t include processing time.

Remember during the holiday shopping season, Target offered free shipping on any order, no minimums.  Now that would be a great perk for Target shoppers, year round but it’s unlikely.

While Amazon’s $99 Prime membership is an investment, it’s one that will likely pay for itself with just a few purchases.

Target bonuses:

Target is featured on at 1 percent cash back.

They also offer a 5 percent discount for Red Card members and free shipping, with no annual rate. {Which would be the best bet if you shop often – still a blow to the $25 free shipping offer.}

Walmart’s minimum free shipping price is $50, Amazon’s is $35 for non-Prime Members and Kmart offers free shipping for orders of $59 or more.

I could be wrong.  Tell me what you think – is it that big of a deal?