The Factory in Gadsden has a great offer for special needs families. The first friday of each month, which would be this Friday March 6, they open their doors free of charge for special needs kids and their families.

The open play time is from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. This is a savings of up to $22 per person.

Contact info:
100 Thomas Dr. Gadsden, AL 35904

Also you can text @thefactory to 81010 for discounts. Just for registering you’ll get a 25 percent off coupon code good for your next purchase.

Follow The Factory on Facebook here.


We’ve been to The Factory several times and we’ve never had a bad experience. I’ll give you some pointers if you plan to head over there for the first time this week.


They’re clean and easy to access.

Need a plug to charge your phone?

There are some in the front lounge area, however there is one in the corner by the basketball court.


I’ve been cold every time we’ve been there, summer and fall. It’s perfect for jumping kids, but cold if you’re just watching.

Big kids: 

If you have smaller children, don’t just assume the big kids will be nice.  You need to watch and be near by, mine have been kicked etc.  There are referees but they miss stuff.

Safety briefing:

The safety briefing video is kinda gross and harsh. If you have a weak stomach look away.  The kids might laugh but make sure they listen.

Dodge Ball:

It’s fun but can be rough, especially if there are teens playing.  Just pay attention.


Contact information: