We’ve been kinda out of the day-tripping mode. Our Expedition was struggling to keep up with us. So we upgraded to a truck. Hopefully one step closer to the dream. So we took her for a spin this weekend and headed to Corinth, MS & Shiloh National Military Park in Tenn.

The kids earned two Junior Ranger badges. If you visit one of these spots you need to visit the other. They go together. This epic battle at the beginning of the Civil War was what Gen. Grant thought would end the war.

Can you imagine more than 23,000 men dying as a result of this battle in the woods on the bank of the Tennessee River? Grant would be wrong – Shiloh took place in April 1862 and he would see three more Aprils filled with battles before Appomattox.

Both sites managed by the National Park System are full of great displays, information and interactive opportunities for the children.

They are also only 30 minutes apart – which makes them easy to do in the same day.

Go here to get details and more about both parks managed under the same page.

Remember both spots have separate Junior Ranger badges so be sure to ask at each locations.

If you’re looking for a great place to eat while you’re there check out  the famous Hagy’s Catfish Hotel. Their hush puppies are perfection. You can see the Tennessee River right out the main windows as you dine.