There’s actually a little doubt in the back of my mind as to why my husband married me.  Does he really love me or is it my banana pudding recipe?

I know he loves me but he has loved my banana pudding since the first time I made it for him almost 17 years ago.

It’s easy and requires only 4 ingredients.  This recipe is not mine, it’s one my mom passed down to me as a child.  I would help her make a batch for special occasions or just because.

Today I made a banana pudding because the kids and my husband both requested the Southern delicacy.

It’s better the second day too.  The vanilla wafers will get a little soft, the pudding will take on the banana flavor and the cool whip will be a little firm.

Ingredients for a large bowl:

2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding mix (don’t get all funky and get the French vanilla, it won’t taste the same)

6 large bananas (could be more or less according to your preference)

1 large box of vanilla wafers (I always use a store or off brand rather than Nabisco and here’s why: Nabisco wafers get too soggy too quick. I’ve made this dish hundreds of times and I’ve had the same disastrous results with Nabisco -MUSH) Stick to a firmer, crunchier wafer and the pudding will last longer.

1 large tub of cool whip


Mix your pudding in a separate bowl and set aside.

Slice your bananas into little rounds

If you use a large round bowl, it’s possible to place all the wafers tops up in a grid pattern around the bowl. This will be your base.

Place sliced bananas on the bottom

Pour a portion of your pudding mix over the bananas

Add a layer of cool whip

Repeat until you end with a layer of cool whip on top

Serves: 1 (I’m just kidding)