It’s Nov. 26 and Alabama hasn’t had rain in months. Burn restrictions, excessive water use fines, brown leaves and dried streams are markers of the extreme drought the Heart of Dixie is experiencing.

Waterfalls, rivers, streams, creeks and more are all bone dry or just a trickle of what they once were. We made a recent jaunt to Gadsden and decided to swing by Alabama’s most famous waterfall, Noccalula Falls.

(Want to know why it’s famous? Go here to learn the story of the Native American princess who leaped to her death.)

I’ve lived in Alabama for almost 40 years and I can’t remember seeing the falls like this.

It’s really cool just to walk on the rocks normally covered with flowing water.


Falls in 2014 Photo by Christie Dedman

Falls in 2014 Photo by Christie Dedman