Every parent should watch the movie ‘Captive.’ Every. Single. Parent.

A quick IMDb summary found here, doesn’t sufficiently describe the gravity of the movie’s theme. Monsters preying on children online via chats, apps and more, is something some parents ignore or simply have no clue exists. They may even think they’re sufficiently protected, but are they really?

Monsters are tricky right?  Monsters usually don’t show up as monsters. They mask their evil.

Monsters make empty promises

Monsters will make empty promises to your child via text, chatrooms or online messaging programs. They will ‘listen’ to your child’s problems. They will offer to help.  They will tell your child they love them or need them in some way.

Your child is being manipulated emotionally to share information about themselves with someone they believe actually cares about them.

It’s our duty as parents to equip our children with enough walking-around-sense to stay away from online relationships.  Our children should be able to confide in us as parents.  We are responsible for keeping the freaks away from our the children.

Plot summary below

In the case of ‘Captive‘ a 16 almost 17 year old girl is used as a ‘gateway’ for predators to interact and target potential victims.  The teen is being used to gain trust of younger children online and to create a faux friendship that will hopefully lead to an in-person meeting, followed by an abduction.  The ‘gateway’ teen was also an abducted child. Her oblivious parents didn’t know they were being targeted by predators.

Don’t be a victim

‘Captive’ shouldn’t be watched by children, only by their protectors.  It’s a suspenseful reminder that the world is an evil place and guardians of children should always be aware, vigilant and suspicious.

Monsters can come in any form: male, female, old, young, ugly or good looking.

Don’t assume, don’t ignore, don’t be oblivious and don’t be fooled by beautiful monsters.

You can watch ‘Captive’ on Amazon Prime free if you’re a member.

Go here to see the FBI’s list of ways to protect your child if they must be online.



Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3