We toured the US Mint factory tour in Philadelphia a few summers ago. If you’re near one – Philadelphia or Denver – make sure you take the time for this interesting behind-the-scenes look at how our coins are made. The Philadelphia U.S. Mint is downtown and near all of the historical must-see places including Independence Hall, Christ’s Church and the Liberty Bell.

What to expect:
The tour is free and self-guided.  This was slightly disappointing in terms of the self-guiding.  The signs and displays were adequate in information. In fact you walk above the factory where you are able to over look all of the workers and the machines.  However it would be nice to have a tour guide. This is just a minimal complaint and shouldn’t stop you from going.  Just be aware that it’s alot of reading and you will need to engage your children either by reading and asking questions or having them read the signs to you.  Keep in mind others will be doing the same thing.  We had an annoying family with us and the mom had a super annoying loud voice so it kinda got on my nerves.

What you’ll see:

You will see depending on production days – how they make pennies, nickels and quarters.  Also if there are any special commissioned coins – which aren’t produced all the time but were when we were there.

Security: Adults will need to provide valid ID – driver’s license etc.  You will also be required to go through a search of bags and potentially more depending on the security guard.  No cameras are allowed on the tour – hence my lack of good pics.  I took one in the lobby but they didn’t want you doing that either.  I didn’t realize that until they said something. Also if Homeland Security level is ORANGE – they will close the mint to tours.

Cost: Free.  There is a gift shop. There are some cool coins to see.

Time: The tour will take you about 45 minutes.

Educational value: No homeschool packets were available at the time – like worksheets. However
you can print a brochure
or create your own worksheet to go with the tour. The signs were full of facts in the tour. So taking notes would be an option as well.

Bonus Tip: You can also see Benjamin Franklin’s grave at Christ’s Church right across the street. If you don’t have time to tour the church, do walk over and look through the fence to see the grave.

Looking for a lunch idea? Drive a few blocks over to Reading Terminal and check out all the food choices. Pizza, desserts, sandwiches and more.

United States Mint
151 North Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-1886